Climate Controlled Piano Storage

Climate Controlled Piano & Organ Storage is a Service that John Gilkey offers to his customers while their Instruments are under his care.

Climate Controlled Storage of other precious items are also a Service that he provides.

The Services that he provides go way beyond just Moving and Storing a Piano or Organ…

He preserves and protects the Instruments (and other items) by providing the ideal Climate and Security.

Pianos and Organs (as well as Safes, Antiques, Grandfather Clocks and other Fine Furniture) are kept in our Climate Controlled Facility that is highly automated to keep these items protected from extreme Humidity and Temperature changes which can cause damage to these types of things.

Modern Technology allows him to monitor changes in the climate of the different rooms within the Facility in real time and adjust things as necessary. However, most of these things are automated.

The Piano & Organ Rooms are kept around 70 Degrees Fahrenheit and 50 Percent Relative Humidity.

He has a high-tech system of alarms (both Climate & Security) that can notify him immediately of any concerning changes within the Facility.

He can also turn on or off Heat Pumps: Heaters, Air Conditioners, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Fans, Dryers & Ventilation from anywhere on the Planet. He has backup systems in place because he believes that redundancy is the key to keeping these items safely stored for his clients.

He also has 24 hours a day Security Systems in place, both Wired and Wireless, including multiple Camera’s inside and outside of the Facility with Off-Site Cloud Storage and a Backup Generator in case of a loss of power. He even has low-Tech Security in the form of random daily visits from Armed Security.

There are Fire Detection sensors (Not Sprinklers) in every room that can notify the Fire Department Station about 1 Block away from the location if a Fire is detected.

The exact location of the Facility is kept Secret for both Security and Insurance purposes, but it’s generally located in one of the safest parts of the Inland Empire about 5 minutes away from the Police Department!

The Items and the Facility are also looked after by John himself, and just in case all of these things are not enough to protect these items they are covered by his 2-Million-Dollar Insurance Policy as long as they are in his care!

Piano Storage facility

Store Your Precious Items with Us!

Moving is charged separately and varies depending on the situation. We may also coordinate with other Piano/Organ Moving or other types of Moving Companies. (However, other Movers or Customers are not allowed to visit our facility)

Customers are emailed an Invoice Monthly and pay Monthly (unless other arrangements are agreed upon) and they can pay by Check or by Credit Card or other various forms of payment!

A Flexible Late Fee of $10 a Month may apply if a payment is long overdue.

Contact us for information on pricing or storing your precious items!