Piano Storage

Piano & Organ Storage is a Service that John Gilkey offers to his Customers while their Instruments are under his care.

The service that he provides goes beyond just storing a Piano or an Organ. He preserves the Instruments as a Curator would a fine peice of Art, until the Repairs, Restoration or Specified Piano Care Service is complete and the Piano can hopefully be returned to the Customer as soon as possible.

Pianos and Organs are kept in Climate Controlled Facilities located in the Inland Empire! Which conveniently is a Hub for International Shipping!

The Pianos are looked after by John himself. (a well known Piano Technician and an Expert in Piano Care for over 25 years) So they are in good hands!

Piano Storage facility

The Pricing is fair and fairly simple…

Roughly $10.00 a foot length wise (The longest way) Therefore a Baby Grand which is around 5′ long costs $50.00 a Month. Same as for an Upright Piano. So a 6′ Parlor Grand is $60.00 a Month. 7′ is $70.00 and 9′ is $90.00/Mo.

A lot of Pianos or Organs fall somewhere in between so the price is rounded to the nearest $5 increment. For example a 5’7” long Piano would be $55.00 a Month.

Piano/Organ Moving is charged separately and varies depending on the situation. We may also coordinate with other Piano/Organ Moving or Moving Companies.

Customers are emailed a Invoice Monthly and pay Monthly (unless other arrangements are agreed upon) and they can pay by Check or other Digital Payment methods such as Paypal or Venmo or Zelle.

A Flexible Late Fee of $10 a Month may apply if a payment is long overdue.

Contact us for more information!