Piano Rebuilding and Restoration in Upland, CA

For over 40 years, 3 Generations of the Gilkey Family have been in the Piano Business. Which is represented in the New Logo by 3 Tuning Forks!!!

John Gilkey Piano Service Logo

triptych of Gilkey family tuning pianos

The Family Business started in the Late 70’s as Gilkey Piano Service, that evolved into Cucamonga Music Co. A Baldwin Piano Dealership Established by Kathleen Gilkey and John Gilkey, in January of 2004. Unfortunately the timing was bad to go into Piano Sales due to a Recession. We along with many other Piano Dealers had to close our Store in late 2009. But we learned a lot from living and working through that experience. 

Piano Rebuilding in Upland, CA
Former location at 9223 Archibald Ave., Suite C, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

The knowledge that we gained from that experience led us to return back to our roots in Piano Services. With the addition of Piano Moving and Storage to our old list of Services, We continue to serve the local communities in a more streamlined way. We work out of our Homes and in our Shops. and also in People’s Homes or Places of Business.

We are all Independent Contractors again but we still work together on some projects. We came to realize that we are much happier this way! We are still  involved in Used Piano Sales, some Rebuilt Pianos and even some New Pianos, but on a smaller scale. If you would like to see some of John’s Used Pianos or Rebuilt Pianos, please check out our Available Pianos page.

Our focus has primarily been Piano Services; Piano Tuning & Repair, Rebuilding. And Piano Moving. But we also worked for other Piano Dealerships as Piano Technicians and also in Sales before becoming Piano Dealers ourselves.

Even though we are no longer a Piano Dealership, we still work with local Piano Dealers all over Southern California performing Manufacturers Warranty work, and in Store Tunings, as well as on the Clients behalf as Independent  Consultants, on sometimes difficult Piano Purchase decisions.


John Gilkey received some of his training at Western Iowa Tech. School of Piano Tuning and Rebuilding. He also is a Steinway Factory Trained Piano Technician who has worked with 3 of the finest Steinway Dealerships in the U.S. for over 20 Years! For all your Acoustic Piano Related needs you can Contact John at (909) 938-0238

Before completing his Formal Training, John was fortunate enough to Apprentice with 4 of Southern California’s best Techs. Starting at the early age of 15 with his mother Kathleen Gilkey R.P.T.  followed by Francis Mahaffey R.P.T. (A legend in the Piano Technicians Guild) , John Tonyan R.P.T. and Michael Jackson (Steinway Technician). He now has over 25 years of experience. John has also worked as a Sales/Service Rep for the Exclusive Distributor of Falcone, George Steck, and H.M. Cable Pianos in the U.S. He is now experienced in all aspects of the Piano Business, including Piano Moving and Storage, Piano Sales, Piano Tuning, Repair, Concert Prep, Regulation, Refinishing  and Rebuilding. He also performs Appraisals and Evaluations for his Customers. For more info on John including a list of some of his past and current Clients please use the Piano Tuning link at the bottom of this page under Navigation.

Piano Restoration in Upland, CA
John and Daniel Gilkey in the family workshop in 1980.

Daniel Gilkey worked closely with John at the Steinway, Bosendorfer and Yamaha Dealerships as a Piano Tuner and Piano Technician. He also works with John as he did before with Kathleen on the larger Piano Tuning Accounts like Cal Poly, Mt SAC, and Chaffey College. Dan has done many Concert Tunings and also has a large Private Cliental of his own. He works for Socal Pianos in Ontario as well.  Contact Dan at (909) 238-2427

Daniel Gilkey tuning a piano.
Daniel Gilkey Tuning a Piano.

Kathleen Gilkey is a Registered Member of the Piano Technicians Guild. (Now Retired) She was the first woman to achieve the distinction of Registered Piano Technician (R.P.T.) in the Pomona Valley Chapter. She was also the first woman President of that Chapter of the Guild. With over 35 years of experience, she achieved much respect in her field. She has served as the Piano Technician for the University of Redlands, as well as the official Technician for the Redlands Symphony and Riverside Community College. Some of her Clients include; Mt. San Antonio College, Pomona College, Chaffey College, Alta Loma and Central School Districts. She also serviced The City of Rancho Cucamonga, The Ontario Convention Center, many churches, music teachers, and private musicians. She Tuned for many Notable Artists including, but not limited to; Tony Bennett, Victor Borge, Dave Brubeck, Christopher Cross, Bernadette Peters, The Oakridge Boys, Roy Clark, Joanne Castle, and Ricky Skaggs to name a few. She was experienced in all aspects of the Piano Business but has Retired after 35 Years of Service.

Logan Gilkey is currently training to become a Piano Tuner/Technician, under his fathers close supervision. He will proudly represent the 3rd. Generation of Piano Technicians in the Gilkey Family.

Paul Gilkey is our Piano Mover and you can learn more about Paul Gilkey in the Piano Moving section of this Website. He also knows a lot about Pianos himself as he has done a lot of Piano Restoration.

Paul Gilkey can be reached at (909) 730-1951

E-mail: john@cucamongamusic.com

Kathleen Gilkey pictured with LaRoy Edwards of Yamaha Piano Corporation in 1978.
Kathleen Gilkey pictured with LaRoy Edwards of Yamaha Piano Corporation in 1978.